w/ Grupo Chegando Lá. Monthly Samba de Mesa/Pagode

  • dec.30 2-5pm-centro: Boulder, CO

w/ Pagode na Pedra

w/ Ginga and Bella Diva Dance

w/ Grupo Chegando Lá. Monthly Samba de Mesa/Pagode

Solo. Live and Loopy!

Solo. Helping direct Pagode w/ local singer and musicians

w/ Ginga, Samba Colorado Dance, Luciana da Silva

w/ Pagode na Pedra


OcT. 18th 9Pm-The LiberTine Brewing Co: Morro Bay, CA

w/ Choro de Ouro

OCT. 25th 8Pm-10:30pm-The Laughing Goat: Boulder, Co

w/ Grupo Chegando Lá. Monthly Samba de Mesa/Pagode

Oct. 26th 9pm-Ophelia’s: Denver, CO

w/ Ginga and The Michele Castro Band

Oct. 28th 2-5pm-centro: Boulder, CO

w/ Pagode na Pedra

Nov. 2nd 6:30-9:30pm-St.Julien Hotel & spa: Boulder, cO

w/ Pagode na Pedra

Nov.9th 6:30-9:30pm-St.Julien Hotel & spa: Boulder, cO

w/ Sambadendé

Nov.15th 8-10:30pm-The Laughing Goat: Boulder, CO

w/ Grupo Chegando Lá. Monthly Samba de Mesa/Pagode

Nov.25th 2-5pm-centro: Boulder, CO

w/ Pagode na Pedra

dec.7th 6:30-9:30pm-St.Julien Hotel & spa: Boulder, cO

w/ Pagode na Pedra

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Mondays - denver: group samba percussion/song class

5:30-7pm $20

No experience necessary. All instruments provided.

Tuesdays - Boulder: group forró Percussion/song class

3:30-5pm $20

No experience necessary. All instruments provided.

wednesdays - b0ulder: group samba percussion/song class

5-6:30pm $20

No beginners. Some experience with percussion or other musical instruments required.

Private Instruction

FRIDAYS @ HB Woodsongs in Boulder, CO

 Guitar, Cavaquinho, Bass, Samba percussion, music theory 





Francisco Marques was born in São
Paulo, Brasil and moved to the east coast of the United States with his family before he turned 2. He received his bachelors degree in Music from Colby College in 2000 and moved to Colorado where he began his career as a musician. He performs regularly with many different bands and teaches a variety of different instruments but with one thing in common: almost all Brasilian music.

Dedicated to the study and craft of traditional Brasilain roots music, he has been part of the faculty at California Brazil Camp for 6 years as well as adjunct faculty at Naropa University for 7 years.

He has been studying some of the many styles of Brasilian music including samba, choro, forró and Bossa Nova and the instruments associated with each genre for 15+ years.  

  • Ginga

  • Sambadende

  • Grupo Chegando Lá

  • Bateria Alegría

  • Faculty @ California Brazil Camp

  • Adjunct Faculty @ Naropa University



Cultivated in Boulder, Colorado and comprised of some of the best jazz, classical and salsa musicians on the Front Range, Ginga is THE powerhouse Brazilian band in Colorado. They can bring an audience to a quiet purr with a sultry Bossa Nova or blow the roof off the evening with a full blown Carnaval style samba dance party.

The seven principal members of the band are Francisco Marques (cavaquinho, bass, lead vocals), Greg LaLiberte (flute, saxophones, percussion, vocals), Victor Mestas (keyboards), Bill Kopper (acoustic 6 & 7 string guitars, electric guitar), Raoul Rossiter (drums, percussion, vocals), Carl Dixon (percussion, vocals), and Vincent Gonzalez (percussion, vocals).



Sambadende has been sharing the energy of Brazilian music with its loyal fans since 2001. Each show in their hometown of Boulder, CO draws a packed house and the powerful combination of drums and vocals never ceases to bring new fans off the street. Focusing on the street ensemble rhythms from the northeast of Brazil, Sambadende adds to its loyal following each time they perform.

The group was created with the intention of sharing not only the soulful music of Brazil, but also the inherent community feeling that is so evident in all Brazilian music. Sambadende was created in 2001 by Ty Hammes, who having lived in Salvador and having performed with Olodum and other blocos in Bahia wished to recreate that sound in the local music scene in Boulder. With the addition of Chico Meira, from Rio de Janeiro, Sambadende expanded its repertoire to include samba do quintal, coco, jongo, MPB, afoxe, maracatu, forro, and other rhythms.

The current members of Sambadende are Chico Meira (Vocals, guitar, cavaquinho), Ty Hammes (timbal, congas, repenique, pandeiro), Nafisa Ramos (surdos, vocals, tantan), JJ Rademaekers (drum kit, percussion), Ian Brighton (sax, flute, vocals), and Francisco Marques (bass, vocals, percussion).



chegando Lá

Based out of Boulder Colorado, Grupo Chegando Lá is an eclectic group of musicians who began as a study group, gathering weekly to play and study samba in the samba de mesa or pagode format. After years of study the group has become one of the main attractions at The Laughing Goat in Boulder.  The students and Francisco convene there on the 4th Thursday of every month to bring as small taste of Brazil to the community.